Best 10 YouTubers of India’s 2020 let’s know about them




Today we are going to talk about India’s Best 10 YouTubers 2020. In today’s era, YouTubers very good plate]form. YouTube is very popular not only in India but in all countries. YouTube is a great platform to earn money and many people make money by showcasing their talent on YouTube. You can find a lot of knowledge on YouTube from comedy to study, Many people make videos on YouTube daily and entertain people with their talent. Friends, many people have made their name from YouTuber based on their talent and they have also received a lot of love from people. Many well known content creators and stars outnumber YouTube viewership in some countries. Their viewership is so high that they have more viewers than TV serial programs. Today we will talk about the Best 10 YouTubers who have made a different name from YouTube.

India’s Best 10 YouTubers

  1. Carryminati
  2. Amit Bhadana
  3. Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines)
  4. Ashish Chanchlani (Ashish Chanchlani Vines)
  5. Gaurav Chaudhary (Technical Guruji)
  6. Sandeep Maheshwari
  7. Nisha Madhulika
  8. Vidhya Iyer (Vidhya Vox)
  9. Dr. Vivek Bindra (Motivational Speaker)
  10. Harsh Beniwal
  • Carryminati

Carryminati aka Ajey Nagar is among the best 10 YouTubers in India. His Popularity is from the Roaster and Comedian Youtuber. He was born on 12 June 1999 in Faridabad, Haryana. In the family of Carry, his parents have a brother named Yash. Carry did her schooling from Delhi Public School. But he did not mind studying. Today Carryminati has become a very well known face of YouTube, Carryminati is known for its excellent video roasting and gaming. Ajey always wanted to do something different and it was with this thinking that Ajey decided to make YouTube his profession in 2016, and he also succeeded. Ajey created his first YouTube Channel called Stealthfearzz. Ajey used to make videos of tricks and tutorials related to Football games in his first YouTube Channel. But Carry’s channel did not become more popular.

Best YouTubers

After not running the first channel, Carry started a gaming channel called Addict to bring his gaming skills to the Public. Carry shared videos of his gameplay on this channel. Carry Mimicry also does very well. This is why people enjoyed their different gaming Roasting to their gameplay. After this, Carry changed the name of his Addicted Channel to Carry Deol, then Carry also started Roasting while continuing his mimicry. Carry’s channel was doing well, but a video suddenly boosted his popularity. The reason for this roasting on BB KI VINES was Carry’s Popularity. Carry became Popular overnight as the video went Viral. After becoming Popular, Carry once again renamed his channel. And now we all know this Carry Channel as Carryminati. Carryminati is India’s largest popular roasting channel and its popularity is increasing daily.

Recently, Carry was caught in a controversy, but even after the controversy, Carry’s popularity was not affected, rather his popularity was greatly increased due to this controversy. Carry’s controversy occurred during a roasting on YouTube vs TikTok. In this video, Carry roasted TikTok Star Aamir Siddiqui and his video went viral very fast on the internet. But now TikTok has been banned by government. His fan following has increased significantly since Carry’s roasting video went viral. Carry has a YouTube Subscriber of 26.2 Millions and has Instagram Followers of 10 Millions, as well as a fan following of 2.4 Millions on Twitter.

  • Amit Bhadana

He is among best 10 YouTubers of this time and is one of the more famous YouTuber from India. His YouTube Channel is called Amit Bhadana. Amit’s YouTube Channel is the most watched channel in India. The videos made by him are quite popular among the youth. He was born on September 7, 1994 in the village of Joharipur, Delhi. Amit Bhadana has been very smart since his school time. He has studied Law. He is from simple family and wanted to grow up to become a lawyer, but luck made him India’s most popular YouTuber. He loved to make people laugh and entertain him since childhood. He had lost his father in Childhood when he was very young. when his father died, he was raised by his uncle and grandmother.

Best YouTubers

Amit took admission in Law College after completing his graduation. Meanwhile, during the holidays, Amit uploaded a video of himself on Facebook, Amit was very encouraged by the people. Seeing the response of the people, Amit decided to make different types of videos and content. Amit decided to create family content that people could watch with his family. But he himself shied away from coming in front of the camera. But he overcome his hesitation by teaming up with his friend and started making videos himself. The video made by Amit in Haryanvi Language got a lot of love from the people.

Amit told in an interview that when he watched the video on YouTube, he did not see the desi style. For this reason, Amit Uploaded many videos on YouTube in desi style, which people liked very much. Amit Bhadana has been awarded the YouTube Creator of India title at the Dada Saheb Phalke Award because of his popularity. When Amit started making videos, his family did not know that Amit was making videos but slowly slowly the family came to know. Let me tell you, Amit himself writes the script of the video and his friend shoots the vide. After that Amit himself edits the entire video.

Amit started his YouTube Channel in 2012. At that time, YouTube was not very active. But Amit put a video on YouTube to start, which was well liked by the people. Amit continued uploading the video and his video got a good response upon seeing it. Amit has 21.6 YouTube Subscribers. This fan following of him is not a work of any Bollywood Stars. Taking about Amit’s Instagram Followers, this time is 4.6 Millions, and on Twitter there are 657K Followers.

  • Bhuvan Bam

If you do not know about Bhuvan Bam, it is among of the best 10 YouTubers in India , it is the most popular YouTuber. He has his own YouTube Channel of BB KI VINES which has received a lot of love from the people. Friends Bhuvan Bam is a good Comedian, Singer, Guitarist and YouTuber. He was born on 21 January 1994 in the city of Baroda, Gujrat and later his family shifted to Delhi.

Best YouTubers

Bhuvan studied school from Green Field School, New Delhi. Bachelor’s Degree from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. After that, Bhuvan started performing as a musician in a restaurant in Delhi. Bhuvan is lyricist and composes his own songs. Bhuvan Bam was not interested in his studies and was fond of comedy. He used to show his friends by performing various types of Comedies and entertained everyone.

Taking about Bhuvan Bam’s fan Following, he is a 19.4 Millions YouTube Subscriber, with 10.9 Millions Followers on his Instagram and 3.7 Millions Followers on Twitter. His popularity led to Bhuvan Bam’s YouTube Channel BB KI VINES ‘Most Popular Channel on YouTube’ at the Webtavasia Award 2016.

  • Ashish Chanchlani

How can it be the case of YouTubers and the name of Ashish Chanchalani is not mentioned. He was born 7 December 1993 in Ullash Nagar Maharashtra. He is a famous Indian Youtuber and his YouTube Channel name is Ashish Chanchalani Vines. He is passionate about acting since childhood. His father runs a single screen theater of his own.

Best Youtubers

Ashish Studied in Civil Engineering From Dutta Meghe College of Engineering, Navi Mumbai. He got a degree in B.Tech but due to his interest in acting, he left his studies midway. He went to John Acting Studio in Mumbai to start his acting career. Ashish Chanchalani is a YouTube Sensation and also has a Bollywood Background. Ashish’s family has supported him a lot and started his YouTube Channel in 2009 and he is very much liked by the people due to his original quality content and comedic Parody. At this time Ashish Chanchalani has 21.6 Millions YouTube Subscribers. He has 9.3 Millions Instagram Followers and 1.7 Twitter Followers.

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  • Gaurav Chaudhary

Technical Guruji was born on 7 may 1991 in Ajmer Nagar, Rajasthan. Technical Guruji is an Indian Tech YouTube Channel in which he makes very good technical videos in Hindi Language. He was very intelligent from childhood and was very interested in Technology. He did his B.Tech from the city of Bikaner, then moved to Dubai to pursue his career in Micro Electronics (M.Tech) from BITS PILANI Dubai Campus and is now living in AL GADOD in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

Best YouTubers

He has 19.4 Millions YouTube Subscribers to his own Channel Technical Guruji. Technical Guruji is one of the most Popular YouTuber in India. He started his Technical Guruji Channel in 2015 and started giving information about Technical, Smartphone, Review, Unboxing in Hindi. People Started liking their videos because their videos are very helpful and informative and easy to understand for every one. Technical Guruji has 2 Millions Instagram Followers and 3Millions Twitter Followers.

  • Sandeep Maheshwari

He was born on 24 September 1980 in the middle class family of Delhi. His early education took place in Delhi and he left college before completing his graduation from Kirorimal College in the third year of B.Com.

Best YouTubers

He is an Indian Enterpreneur, Photographer and Motivational Speaker. He is known as the CEO of Sandeep started his work as a Photographer in 2000 and worked as a freelancer for many small businesses. Then in 2007, he sold his camera to join a marketing company called ‘Japan Like’ Wote a book on marketing in 2003 and started a firm, but soon had to shut down his company. After that, when he came to know about Stock Photography, he started Sandeep also gives free seminars. Which is life changing for many people. Sandeep won many awards. He has ‘Young Creative Enterpreneur Award by British Concil, a division of British High Commission’, ‘Creative Enterpreneur of the Year Award’ by Enterpreneur India Summit, currently Sandeep has more than 17.2 Millions YouTube Subscribers and on Instagram 2.2 Million Followers as well as a Twitter Follower of 208K.

  • Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika is working as a YouTube Content Maker at the age of 59, she uploaded her first video 8 years ago and after travelling a long way, she is a 10.5 Millions YouTube Subscribers. But before that in 2007, she started writing blogs on cooking. She always wanted to do something for the people and she used to give tuition at home for poor children.

Best YouTubers

Nisha Madhulika has also worked in YouTube’s Top Chef Coffee Table Book and has refused to advertise or promote a lot on her YouTube Channel. Nisha is not against Endorsement, but says that it should be in its own way and that the products are useful to its Patrons and not to endorsements.

  • Vidhya Iyer

She was born on 26 September 1990 in Tamil Nadu, Chennai. She started her studies at George Washington University in the United States. She is currently living in Los Angeles. She has knowledge of many languages like English , French, Tamil and Hindi. She was very interest in music from the begining and her music training started when she was 5 years old. These are known as their stage names Vidhya Vox. That Washington D.C. Jog was a student at the University of Washington and earned a degree in Psychology.

Best YouTubers

She Performed in Shankar’s YouTube Channel Sritivox before starting her YouTube Channel Vidhya Vox in 2015. Vidhya’s creative and selection of her songs also played a major role in her success and made her a part of India’s Best YouTube. At this time Vidhya has 7.09 Millions YouTube Subscribers and 944K of her Instagram Followers.

  • Dr. Vivek Bindra

He was born on 5 April 1978 in Delhi, he is a popular Motivational Speaker and one of the future leaders of training in 25 countries. He was a talented child right from the start and always showed excellence in his education. Dr. Vivek started his YouTube Channel in 2013, since then he has reached his Speeches and is inspiring millions of people all over the world. Dr. Vivek Bindra is a YouTube Subscribers of 14.1 Millions.

Best Youtuber

Dr. Vivek Bindra has a Consulting Academy named Global ACT. He was awarded as the Best Corporate Trainer by Maruti Suzuki for two consecutive years. He has written 10 great inspirational books which are sold in Lakhs. The International Association of Lions Club Honored Dr Vivek Bindra as the best Motivator and Keynote Speaker in India.

  • Harsh Beniwal

He is among best 10 YouTubers of India and he was born on 13 February 1996 in Pitampura, New Delhi. He is a person who loved acting since childhood and he used to make everyone laugh during his childhood, he is also called ‘Pet Lover’. Beniwal treats his Pets like a family member, he studied his starting from Maharaja Agrasen Model School and with 12th, he used to learn dance too. Due to this dance, Harsh used to be very popular in his school, after 12th, Harsh took admission in BA at Aurobindo College and after that he migrated to VIPS and for BCA Program, Harsh went to college very few were. He likes to watch Films in his spare time.

Best YouTubers

He is a popular Indian YouTuber and Actor. He joined a dance society to fulfill his passion and went straight to the world of acting. His Passion was to become a successful Star In Bollywood. Which Harsh also completed, he has appeared in the Bollywood film ‘Student Of The Year 2’ in the year 2019, in which Harsh performed his skill well. At this time, He has 10.7 Millions YouTube Subscribers. He also has a lot of fan following om social media. Taking about Harsh’s Instagram, he has 3.1 Millions Followers as well as 750K Followers on Twitter.

These are the best 10 YouTubers in India, If you like the information of the best 10 YouTubers mentioned by us, then please do comment.