Baba Ka Dhaba Owner filed a complaint against YouTuber




Baba Ka Dhaba owner Kanta Prasad and his wife in Malviya Nagar, Delhi, suddenly went viral on Social Media on October 7, in which Kanta Prasad says that his food could not be sold in a day and he could not earn 100 rupees, were. Hearing the painful story of Kanta Prasad Ji, people come to eat food from Baba_Ka_Dhaba, to help. The YouTuber Gaurav Wasan who requested to help Kanta Prasad Ji by making the video and that video is successful, after this help came for this elderly husband and wife from across the country. But now the case took a different form. Gaurav Wasan, who helped Kanta Prasad by making video, betrayed him. That’s why Baba Ka Dhaba owner, Kanta Prasad, has filed a complaint against YouTuber. Know further what the Kanta Prasad has accused Gaurav Wasan.

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Baba Ka Dhaba owner has accused Gaurav Wasan

YouTuber Gaurav Wasan, who made a video of Kanta Prasad, had appealed and shared a bank account and a Paytm Number, with which people were able to help Dhaba owner Kanta Prasad Ji after watching the video and this account number was Gaurav Wasan and Paytm Number of a member of his family, within 24 hours of the video going viral, financial aid of nearly 3.5 lakh Rupees was reached in the name of Baba, but the financial assistance given by the people was reaching the account of Gaurav Wasan. Kanta Prasad Ji has alleged that YouTuber Gaurav Wasan deliberated shared the bank details of himself and his family and deposited a lot of money. He further alleged that YouTuber Gaurav Wasan did not inform him of any transaction.

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Gaurav Wasan has pushed the sentiments of Kanta Prasad, it is very wrong to do this kind of cheating with an elderly husband and wife. However, despite this controversy, the work of elderly Kanta Prasad is going well. Baba, who earns 100 rupees daily, is earning 6 to 7 thousand rupees daily at this time. After the video went viral, people recognized and helped Baba_Ka_Dhaba. Meanwhile, Baba and his wife have also undergone free cataract surgery, the number of followers of YouTuber Gaurav Wasan, who made a video of Baba, has also increased a lot, but in the midst of all this, the social media was influenced by the deceit of the sentiments of the people who helped Baba and now the investigation of this deception has started.

Baba told that people come to take a selfie at the Dhaba

There was a lot of news before the dispute of YouTuber, in which it was told that people come to the Dhaba for selfie only, because Baba_Ka_Dhaba has become famous, people go away with selfies, and this is a reality, he wants to show people that we went to eat food at the Dhaba but there is no such thing, they are only meant to increase their Fan Following, so I would like to say to all these people that if you cannot help, do not even make them sad, because an elder whose house runs only from that Dhaba, he waits for the expected customer, and when the customer arrives, that person is very happy why he is destined to eat for a time, with your little help. But his heart breaks when he finds out that he has just come to take a selfie.

If you do not anything that will hurt them, then if you help from the heart, then you will definitely get some benefit because there is a lot of strength in Prayer. By the way, it has been heard that due to the controversy of Gaurav Wasan, there is no harm to the Dhaba of Kanta Prasad Ji, he is living happily and before the video went viral, Kanta Prasad Ji could not earn even 100 Rupees but now he earns 6 to 7 Thousand Rupees daily. It’s all done with your help.